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Second Annual National Junior Honor Society Ceremony recognizes over 120 Students

Second Annual National Junior Honor Society Ceremony recognizes over 120 Students

In two separate ceremonies, one for new inductees, and one for returning members, Principal Anthony Mungioli hosted over 120 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students and their families at the district’s second annual National Junior Honor Society celebration. He said, “Tonight we come together to honor you all. We are here to recognize that you made a positive impact on our school community and that is honorable. Your actions show us that you listen, understand, and meet high standards…You all set the tone for what it means to be an exemplar at WMS. The ceremony may be simple, but it is important to gather, recognize, support, and celebrate our students. On behalf of Dr. Giarrizzo, Dr. Bronstein, Mrs. Jativa, and your parents, I say without hesitation that we are pleased to be here with you tonight.”

To be considered for membership, applicants must reach the five standards which include leadership, citizenship, character, service, and scholarship. The National Junior Honor Society recognizes students who exemplify leadership and citizenship, as well as provide educational opportunities.

Westlake Middle School teacher, Dianna Jativa praised students for their commitment to excellence as well as their teachers for supporting them in the process which includes maintaining a certain GPA, performing community service, and obtaining letters of recommendation.

The ceremony concluded with all students standing and reciting the NJHS pledge together, “I pledge to uphold the high purpose of the National Junior Honor Society, to which I have been selected; I will be true to the principles for which it stands, I will be loyal to my school; and I will maintain and encourage high standards of scholarship service leadership, character, and citizenship.”

Congratulations to all of our students!