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Eighth Graders-Colleges and Careers

Eighth Graders-Colleges and Careers

Initial research is done in ELA classes about the 16 Career Clusters from which to choose a career to research more deeply. 

Principal Anthony Mungioli said, “Over the course of the past few weeks, students have explored potential career goals and worked to develop their own career philosophy in connection to their future professional endeavors. When selecting a career, students considered the personality survey they took using Naviance with the help of our Guidance department. As part of their research, students mapped out educational pathways including colleges, graduate schools, internships, trade schools, and residencies that would help them achieve these goals. Making specific connections to educational institutions that would put them on these pathways, students used information from databases and college board websites to help them make informed decisions about which schools align with their goals and values, and the merits needed to attend those colleges.”

Students identified a person who has inspired them on a professional/personal level and created an infographics on their person of inspiration and included them in their final Career Research Presentation. Overall assessments are based on pose, voice, and engagement with their audience as well as their research skills.

8th Graders will put their Community Leadership Project (CLP) ideas into action the second half of the year with direct connections to specific career clusters.