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WMS Publishing Party

WMS Publishing Party

For the last month the classes participated in mini lessons which included reading many student and teacher exemplars to model their narratives.

Students learned about elements of a narrative: leads, conclusions, figurative language, sensory imagery, and dialogue. Then they listed things in their lives that could make good topics including small moments, first times, last times. Next was plotting a few different stories using graphic organizers, story maps, and finding their voice.

Then it was time to write! There was no word count, just writing! Story topics included finding a lost cat, first time roller on a coaster, a birthday surprise, the first time fishing, winning a scholarship, and getting a puppy.

The party gathered classes together to celebrate their masterpieces! They read each other’s stories and left compliments on topics and techniques.

Next up, a class novel: "Inside Out and Back Again" by Thanhhà Lai. We can’t wait to hear all about it!

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