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Ken Amann Named Director of Technology and Data

Ken Amann Named Director of Technology and Data

The Mount Pleasant Central School District today announces that Kenneth Amann will become  the new Director of Technology and Data. Mr. Amann is a familiar name to many Westlake families as he is the current Assistant Principal of Westlake High School. He joined Mount Pleasant CSD in 1994 as a math teacher and led the Mathematics Department as a curriculum leader before taking on his current role as Assistant Principal.

“Through his work in the District, Mr. Amann has gained important experience that has prepared him well to provide K-12 leadership in technology,” said Dr. Peter Giarrizzo, Superintendent of Schools.  He understands both the powerful role that technology plays in today’s classroom and I am confident that he will stay up-to-date, flexible, and informed as we harness these amazing resources to support students, teachers, families, and learning. He also skillfully uses data to inform the teaching and learning process. I've had the pleasure of knowing Ken for 20 years and he has consistently demonstrated that he is a thoughtful, kind, caring, and intelligent educator and leader. We are thrilled to have Ken assume the position of Director of Technology and Data.”

“I look forward to building on the foundation we have and advancing the use of technology in our district to enhance our students’ educational experience,” Mr. Amann said. Researcher and author Michael Fullan suggests there are four criteria for integrating technology and how we teach to produce exciting, innovative learning experiences for all students. These new experiences must be:  irresistibly engaging for students and teachers, elegantly efficient and easy to use, technologically ubiquitous 24/7, and steeped in real life problem solving. It is these four criteria that I wish to build upon in my new role. I am so excited to continue my career as a part of the Mount Pleasant District Office Team.

Westlake High School Principal Keith Schenker added, “Ken has proven that he has the skills necessary to excel in this new role and we look forward to all he will do to ensure our students are prepared for a technologically integrated world upon their graduation from our district.”

Ken has a BA in Mathematics, an MA in Mathematics Education, an MA in Educational Leadership and a Professional Certificate in Educational Leadership all from New York University.  He succeeds Mount Pleasant’s current director of technology, Debra Fishman, who will retire effective May 5, 2023.